OK. So…as I mentioned before I was taking the exam to start working as a tour guide for the city of NY. I’m an actress and singer and thought this job would def be a lot of fun to do for an actress. Pays well plus there is tips!

What do you first need to do? Well that was the question. I knew that there was 150 questions and it’s multiple choice but they don’t exactly explain what exact questions you need to know to pass. They have a PDF document of suggested reading recommendations but that might as well be like giving someone a map of United States and saying now figure out how to get to some small town in the dessert with no highways. Anyways…

First off you need to visit: http://www.nyc.gov/html/dca/html/licenses/021.shtml and follow directions as stated off the NYC.Gov website.

Then check out these links for help sites that can give you more advice about the exam:

Also from what I remember you should know:

*New York Ethnic foods: Bialys, Batidas, Dim Sum, Kim Chi, Halal (what Halal means)
*What the Satmar Jews opposition to the state of Israel.
*Where Jackie O lived
*John Lennon lived/died and where is ashes are scattered and what’s the name of the song on his memorial.
*Directions from midtown to the Cloisters and Wave Hill (No Henry Hudson parkway because no buses allowed)
*What a Botanica is.
*What’s special about the Ansonia Hotel
*Where they filmed Cosby Show-famous street
*Where they filmed Ghostbusters and what’s so special about that firehouse.
*All the musuems of NYC and what they are famous for especially the famous touristy ones.
*All NYC Landmarks and who built them like Chrystler Building, Carnegie Hall (who was the conductor opening night),
*What’s special about the Campbell apartment in Grand Central
*What trains run where on the NYC subway map…Like does the 7 go to Brooklyn?
*Roosevelts Birthplace address
*What the Jewish Daily Forward is.
*You should know where famous statues and monuments stand and where…Like Jackie Gleason is at Port Authority…
*The Cathedrals and where they are located and what style of architecture they are.
*The Cemeteries and what famous people buried/Who built them
*Know who Bryant of Bryant Park is and what he is famous for.
*Where the Malcolm Shabazz Mosque is located and what it looks like.
*Know where they shot tv show “friends”
*When slavery was legally abolished
*Oldest Theatre and comedy club in NYC is.
*What the cotton club is/was famous for
*The movie All About Eve and where it was filmed.
*What the Halem renaissance was.
*What the Giglio parade is and where it is located.
*The New Colossus poem and who it was written by and where it is located in NYC
*What CBGB is and what it is famous for.
*Where the Diamond district is located and what is special about closing the deals.
*Stonewall Inn Riots
*Off Broadway theates and Broadway Theatres
*Dakota Apartments/Majestic apartments/Hotel Des Artists and what’s special and who Lived/Died there.

Better yet check out this website that has flashcards for most of the questions: http://www.flashcardexchange.com/cards/nyc-tour-guide-license-exam-questions-1587644

Finally,  I suggest reading the blue guide book as suggested as well as the walking tour and actually just going around and taking some of the tours to familiarize yourself with Tourist interactions and what they know. The test was designed to teach the tour guide and it definitely does it’s job. Good Luck and feel free to email me if you have any questions! My email is amada@amadaanderson.com

For additional resources about becoming a tour guide and what happens afterwards check out The Guides Association of NYC aka GANYC by visiting their website: www.GANYC.org
They are a professional tourism organization dedicated to helping New York Tour Guides be the best in the business.