About Manada.Biz Entertainment, LLC


Curiosity, creativity and credentials.

Manada.Biz Entertainment, LLC  is a socially conscious 100% woman-owned and run company.

Every day I am witness to the miracles of what living in a realm of soul-centered business and life purpose looks like.

My spiritual curiosity and deep desire for freedom have taken me on adventures through many different experiences, academic programs and leadership roles. As a multi-passionate artist,  entrepreneur, philanthropist and coach, my role and business is designed and dedicated to enlighten, inspire, and empower the complex needs of artists and small businesses.

I want to help you understand that your very existence is vital to the well-being and evolution of our world.

You are a sacred gift.

Your talents matter.

Your place in this world is important!

And even with all the free resources that are available online, sometimes it can become extremely overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be.

You can do or BE anything you desire but sometimes you need help.

I am extremely resourceful and highly intuitive. I can guide and cheer you on so that you can have complete control over your business and produce the life you desire.

Asking for help doesn’t have to be a last resort. Let me share with you what I know in order to help you create products or services that arise from where your deepest passions and your customers’ deepest needs are met.

I am happy to be of service.

*with jazz hands*
Amada Anderson

“Amada is a high recognized professional who combines performance and management with impressive equity. I had the opportunity to work with her during the last three years and I am very proud to recommend her both as organizer and performer.” -Oscar Mendez, Resident Artist at the mush-room theatre design