Wedding Date Countdown!








Guess what? We are getting married!!! This blog is a little late especially since we have been engaged since June 17th, 2015 but now we have a venue and we have actually set a date. So we are looking forward to getting married on Saturday, October 29th, 2016. Can you believe it? I seriously couldn’t. In fact when he proposed I asked him “Are you sure?”. Why did I do that? Because I really wasn’t ready to admit that this man loved me as I am. As I truly am. All 335 pounds. But he does and we are planning a really fun time travel themed wedding and I can’t weight (see what I did there!) to get this weight off and be at a healthier version of myself. Even though he loves me just the way I am I still want to be healthier for myself. So…I am planning on getting back on the Dukan Diet horse and really working it out.

Some things you might be wondering about….why has it been so long since I have posted or shared anything with all of you? Well…Damon and I have been kinda off and on the diet this past year. After I hit the 100 pound weight loss I ended up getting a pinched nerve and heel spur and had to go to physical therapy. This then made me panic about my life choices as a tour guide/dancer for TTWNYC and then a friend of mine went into suicidal depression and I just couldn’t deal with it all at the same time. I became depressed, and when we would try to eat right on the diet nothing was coming off and I felt like it just wasn’t working anymore. So I ended up giving up. And I ended up realizing I had a lot on my plate. So, I have spent the past year trying to find balance in regards to my mind, body, and spirit.

The stress, physical issues, and weight loss led me to seeing a therapist and crying a lot. I was clinically depressed and dealing with anxiety. And although it hasn’t completely gone away I am dealing with it everyday a little at a time. My go to for stress release has always been drinking and over-eating. Obviously drinking and overeating is what has led me to being so fat. But these are things that I have come to terms with now.

I didn’t share any of this before because I didn’t want everyone to know what I was going through. I was and still am embarrassed to admit it. It’s really hard for me to cry sometimes and admit how I feel about something. So I stayed away from the cameras and moved on with other projects to keep busy. However the good news is I only gained back around 20 pounds so there is hope for me yet in keeping this weight off if I can just get to a healthier version of myself.

So we are now in wedding planning mode and I am ready to take back charge of my life and begin sharing again. I really believe I can lose the weight before my wedding.

If I can lose 100 pounds in the next 8 months I will be at 220. I am 5’9″ and so at 220 I will only have another 45 pounds to go to be where I believe I am supposed to be. But who knows maybe I actually can get under 200 before October…. So what do you think? Who’s with me? We start tomorrow!

December 1st. Protein packed portions here we come!!