We decided to go off the Dukan Diet for Amada’s (my) birthday. OK. OK. So why did we decide to do this? Well…we we were seeing amazing results but we also didn’t want to starve out our friends or have to buy extra expensive other things to feed them with. No one I know gets excited about salad and burgers…. ya gotta have potato salad and burgers and drinks for people! So, we thought let’s see how we do. So I made Chicken Kabobs with a honey soy sauce marinade (freakin amazing!), we used left over mushroom stems and stuffed the burgers with cooked onion and garlic, I made a huge serving of potato salad (w/fat free mayo) and my famous guacamole, and of course chips and side veggies for hummus. All of this food for only 20-30 people. I was honestly expecting more since I invited about 100 people on Facebook but I was just as happy with the 20-30 who showed. Thanks you guys!

My best friend Anna and her boyfriend brought applesauce cake, cupcakes and chocolate cake and lord knows that would have just been downright sad to watch everyone else eat them and not even get to have one!!! Right?

Now… as far as being on the Dukan Diet and being surrounded by all of this food, what I found really interesting was that Damon and I both were not that hungry at all. I think we both maybe had like a spoonful of potato salad and a hamburger and chicken kabob. Yes, with the buns and fat free mayo!  I was really surprised…  I mean we both were on our feet cleaning, cooking, and getting everything ready for almost 8-9 hours. Working the party! And it had been a while since my body had actually felt FULL. But towards the end of the evening when I was actually eating one of the final cupcakes was when I felt that stuffed feeling in my body only this time it HURT. So weird how my body has changed.  I used to look forward to that feeling to help me sleep at night or numb out but this time my body almost rejected it… strange huh?

Anyhow enjoy our VLOG post and feel free to share your thoughts on whether you think we made the right decision or not. I bet I already know what you are going to say…