O.K.  So….never in a million years would I ever think I would get the chance to say “Hey mom, guess what? I’m going to be featured on a national television show as a Ghost Tour guide and Intuitive.”

How did this happen?

Well as most of you know I work as a tour guide for Dr. Philip Schoenberg and his walking tour company called Ghosts of New York. I also give readings sometimes after the tours to anyone who might be interested in having one as an additional service. My picture is listed on his website.

Apparently upcoming artist Gin Wigmore is slightly into the spooky and paranormal and she just happened to be visiting New York before they go out on tour. Vh1 contacted us and we got to work!  Now I didn’t know who she was and had never heard of her and to keep things real I didn’t do any research. I wanted to just feel everything out and enjoy the moment. When I did meet everyone they were so completely professional and amazingly nice. I felt so comfortable the entire time and we just had a blast together.

Today we visited haunted locations such as Washington Square Park, McSorley’s Ale House, Astor Place Subway Station, and Il Buco restaurant where I proceeded to give her band mates a tarot reading and then a special palm reading for Gin.

How did the readings go? Well normally I would do each person separately but they wanted to do it as a band. So I had each one of them shuffle some of the cards and then we combined them to do a simple cross spread. I definitely was feeling the spirits downstairs, chills every now and then, and then while filming we actually had to stop because there was strange noises coming in through the mics. Haunted? YES! Now, it was interesting because the very first card that was pulled was the unknown card with the lovers across it. To me I explained that at the moment they are in a place where they are unsure about something and that that it hadn’t been decided on yet or that they are not supposed to know about it yet. The card across it was the lovers and this usually implies that it’s what is pressing for the matter at hand. As it turns out they were actually in the middle of hiring a new band mate and they definitely don’t want to just hire anyone. Whoever it is that they decide to bring in would need to feel like they are part of the family. During the palm reading for Gin it was kinda cool because I was pretty accurate about her recent love life and recent experiences. I love validations!

Overall it was a fun interesting day and I really hope that you will all LIKE her Facebook Fan Page and check out her music. She sounds like a cross between Amy and Duffy!

Check out the pics and her latest video below and stay posted to the blog…I will be posting the actual video segment as soon as I get it from VH1. I think they said it should air next month in May. Yay! That’s perfect…since my b-day is the 26th.

I truly do wish the band the best of luck and I look forward to hearing about all of their upcoming success.