Thursday night I waited for my tour to start and as the clock ticked closer to 730pm tour start time I thought to myself well this is it. Make or break this career decision of being a tour guide. Acting is a tough choice in itself but I figured I was either going to really enjoy being a tour guide or not. I had three people show up and it was such an awesome time. I sang for them and entertained them and had so much fun!

Friday I went out with Damon and his mom and met my friend Pearl who was an intern for Planet Connections Festivity. She lives really close to the karaoke spot. Had a few drinks, made some new friends, and I asked them if they would like a palm reading. Of course they did. The wonderful feelings I get from sharing what I pick up has made me more validated about coming open about it this year. Sometimes I’m not sure where I get the message from but everytime I read someone and I ask them if what I say makes sense or how close I am and they always say I was 100% right. It makes me feel really good and gives me a sense of confidence about my abilities. I’m truly grateful to be able to help those who might feel a little lost.

See you on the tour!

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