Yeah, I titled the blog that. Got your attention though huh? Oh, and it’s also true!!!

These past 6-7 weeks have kinda flew by. Changing our food habits have strangely been easier than I expected. You would think that eating yogurt and meat every single day seems a little redundant but we get really creative sometimes. I even change up the yogurt from time to time from vanilla to blueberry and strawberry. :p

But seriously having been overweight all of my life, I never really knew or understood what it could mean to be healthy. Now, being older and living in New York  I get the hustle and bustle and why being healthier is worth it.

Some of the things I do on a daily/weekly basis involves various committees such as The Guides Association of New York City where I help edit the new website, social media, & I am a special event coordinator for our upcoming Awards Ceremony.  I also am the website developer and social media manager & co-chair of Thrill The World and event manager/director of Thrill The World NYC where I teach dance classes, run our events, & send out newsletters.  I also run my own tour guide business and website business while working part time at Juilliard.  Yeah… so when you meet people who sit there and say I’m too busy to work out or go food shopping…I TOTALLY GET IT but honestly when someone says that, what they are really saying is that they don’t love themselves enough to try. The NEED for the change doesn’t outweigh the ongoing easy lazy process they are accustomed too. I can say that because that’s where I was even when I am crazy busy. The way I numbed the stress was by eating and drinking way too much. But thanks to my friends Moses and Dianna and a few others I was shown that I needed to start paying attention and get with the program. (Love you guys!)

Damon and I now shop at Costco and BJ’s to buy food in bulk and take a side visit to Stop and Shop for all of our fat free dairy needs. We try to make bigger dinners so we have food leftover for lunch the next day and I make it a point to take my fat free hazelnut creamer to work with me in case I grab a coffee at the street cart. I pack it and bring it and don’t care that people see me eating snacks from a funny lunch bag.

Oh, and last night we went to Yoga and the lady was nice! She said she could tell I was flexible. I was like…wow. Yeah, I think I am! I felt stretches in my body I didn’t even know I could do.

And you know what? All of this is working.  My boobs are smaller, my pants and blouses are looser and yes I have more energy! How is that even possible? Like have you ever been to a zumba class and seen the instructors? Yeah, that’s basically ME every day. Well after I have had my coffee… LOL

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