Yesterday morning while riding the Q29 I lost my wallet & keys. It was a complete accident. I was already running late to work and had maybe $3.00 in change on me from doing the laundry on Saturday…I never keep change on me but for some reason I had decided to keep it in the new bag I had been carrying. I also remembering saying to someone on Sunday at a birthday brunch that I really liked their Bank of America card with the photo ID and she told me I could just go to the bank and request one and I laughed and said well “If I lose my wallet I will…I need to replace my sightseeing guide license anyways because it shows expired” and we laughed it off and that was it. Then come Tuesday morning..I lost it. I was determined that I just dropped it and I could just wait for the bus to wrap back around…I waited. Meanwhile the temp place I was assigned too was waiting too. Finally after every single q29 bus driver knew I lost it…lol I used the change I had and got a single ticket and headed into work. It was a fast day. I filed for missing property at the MTA website and for some reason held off on renewing my licenses but did look up the information just in case no one turned in anything. Well…just a few minutes ago someone TEXTED me they had my wallet. Turns out someone named Gary found it this morning and took it to his job where he asked someone else what to do with it. She said let’s Google her. Thanks to FACEBOOK they got my phone number and were able to contact me. Then I asked where I could come to meet them to pick it up and the lady worked around the corner from Damon ‘s house!!! He simply was able to walk over and pick it up. I am so GRATEFUL right now. I always am but today THANK YOU to the lady Carolyn and Gary for being awesome neighbors and thanks to Damon I have my wallet safe and sound. #TRUESTORY

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