So, my friend Kim emailed me this week asking me if I was available to give a Tarot/Palm Reading for her and her friend Dianne. I said sure! We were scheduled for Thursday afternoon, gonna rent a rehearsal room space for 2 hours and just do the readings. Well I got called in for an audition for a friends Play she is directing and I asked if we could push back the time and Kim said that actually if I wouldn’t mind traveling out to LONG Island her friend would pay me double to cover my travel expense and extra time and I said “OF COURSE!” She also mentions to me that her friend has something happening in her house that’s kinda spooky and was wondering what my impression would be. So when I left the house I brought my cards and I brought some sage. Sage is typically burned in smudging ceremonies to drive out bad spirits, feelings, or influences, and also to keep bad spirits from entering the area or home. So, turns out that my audition ran late and then I missed the early train so I was delayed an hour. Finally I get on the train and head to Long Island, somehow I missed my stop and ended up in some small town called Lynbrook. I called Kim and Diane and they came to get me from there being that it was only 10-15 mins from her house anyhow. We drive and chit chat and Diane starts to tell me about herself a little and how she knows Kim and she mentions the weird stuff happening at her house and I think OKAY, I’ll take a look but I hardly ever get impressions right off the bat with houses and things. I’ve occasionally seen shadows or gotten impressions but not a normal thing for me. SO ANYWAYS…get to her house and Diane sends her husband, dogs, and Kim upstairs so we can talk and I can start the readings. Now she doesn’t know me from diddly and I don’t know her but I am getting the feeling that she’s nervous. So we talk and I calm her down and at some point I realized I was holding her hand for sometime and it didn’t feel weird anymore so I said okay let’s do this. I won’t go into her private readings but I would say that I was very helpful. After the readings she asked me if I could go take a look at the room. She tells me that after her mom had passed that she had moved her mom’s things from storage into the house and for some reason all the stuff caused this extra bedroom to have weird energy. So we walk in…and IMMEDIATELY I felt NAUSEOUS and I had been sweating before but when I walked in I had nothing but CHILLS. It was awful. Evil. Sickening. I have never felt that much horrible energy confined in one space. I also asked about this heavy mirror that was in the corner of the room, I asked if it belonged to her family and she said no. It had actually been picked up somewhere and kept in storage and never used and that when he mom passed she had just brought it into the house to possibly use it. It was an antique, thick wood panel and thick glass mirror. It was beautiful but I touched it and felt dread. Like someone saying DON’T TOUCH! Leave the room! Leave us ALONE! I didn’t want to get sick so I walked out. But we asked Kim to come to get her impression and she agreed that it was just plain nasty evil. We walked out and the rest of the house seemed quite normal, it was WARM, no more goosebumps, I started to sweat again. Then we walked back downstairs to get a drink to calm our nerves. After relaxing a few minutes, I get the sage from my bag and and say let’s cast this evil thing out! I walked around blessing the house with LIGHT and LOVE and telling the evil that it needed to leave. I passed every door and left the nasty room for last. We all 3 went in together and I had trouble keeping the sage lit. I also had those nasty goosebumps and sick feeling again and I started to smell like OLD ADULT DIAPERS or something nasty like that, in which I then told it NO and began to pray for LOVE AND LIGHT to find it’s way into the room to bless the house. I told it that if it didn’t belong to the LIGHT it needed to LEAVE. We made sure to have Diana reclaim her space and tell it to leave. And Kim and I felt the energy of a couple or something associated with the mirror thinking maybe it belonged to them. Then after Diane told it to leave about 3-5 times I felt the energy shift, and it went from ANGRY to SAD. I almost wanted to cry but I refused to let it control my emotions. I wrapped us in warm healing light and prayed for it and for them and their house and their property and for the lost trapped souls in the room. I left her with the sage and told her if she needed to continue using it to go ahead. We closed the door and walked back downstairs.

I’ve never done anything like that for someone else. Whenever I move into a house I always bless it with the sage, it’s normal for me to do this but I had never done it for someone else. Then things seemed calmer and I went ahead and started to give Kim her reading.

Later cause I was being kinda nosy I gave a quick palm reading to Diane’s husband, which was funny because he wasn’t expecting any of what was happening but he didn’t not acknowledge the room being freaky and him getting goosebumps as well. So he was open minded about everything as well. So, during conversation waiting for the storm to pass and for my friend to come pick us up cause the train ironically stopped running, we started telling Stewart that he needed to take that mirror out of the house immediately. He then said out of the blue! That he remembered where it came from, that it didn’t belong to the family because Diane’s mom or grandmother had actually picked it up from a small town not to far from their home, He said :yea it came from a small church near a town called Lynbrook, have you ever been there?” We all three just looked at each other with crazy OMG expressions.

Coincidence? Fate? Your call.

I however made new friends and was very grateful for the chance to help someone. I hope it worked and I hope that they find peace.

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