Damon and I took a few days off for my bday. Non-Dukan food items included cupcakes, applesauce cake, potato salad, hamburger (w/yes a bun), honey chicken ka-bobs, liquor…. but interestingly enough all the food that was prepped took me almost 7 hours to prepare. Between cooking, cleaning, shopping etc Damon and I both were our feet that long working for and at the party. So you would think that by the time the party started we would have been hungry. Damon and I both worked hard and yet had to remind each other to eat at the party. We just both were not as hungry as we thought. Even drinking was kinda forced…I mean not really but I just wasn’t craving anything. It could have just been adrenaline or just the simple fact that this diet has not only changed our taste buds but possibly has shrunk our stomachs a little bit.

Awesome facts: My friends noticed. My clothes are slightly looser. I can tell my arms are starting to show the muscle underneath a little more and I feel better. No back pain. My knees only slightly hurt when going down the stairs. I find myself actually passing mirrors now and having to go back because I am not really recognizing myself. It’s exciting in a quiet steady heartbeat kind of way. I fit better when I sit in the subway bench seats and my office chair at my day job.

I can tell Damon has lost a few pounds too. His shirts look a little bigger on him and he finally got a belt to hold up his baggier jeans.

We moved the potato salad, buns, chips, & other snack crap out of the house and are going to do a 2 day attack plan to re-stabilize ourselves. Not sure if that’s enough but I didn’t want to punish my kidneys anymore than we possibly are. Not sure if we gained any pounds we forgot to weigh in today.

I also am thinking of doing a 3 day cleanse. A protein/juice diet. Maybe something like mixed greens, green tea, & tofu. No steak or chicken or anything we have to chew. If anyone has any ideas I’d love to hear them. 🙂

Also stay tuned for more video blogs! We are still behind in posting them.

Let’s do this! #under200ismygoal