Hey guys! So somethings that you should be aware of when starting any diet…. your body is going to go through some changes! Especially when you are required to only eat meat for the first 3-10 days. When we started, Damon said he wanted to only lose about 40 pounds while I am still unsure what my ideal weight is going to be since I am not sure what will feel right to me. I definitely want to be under 200 pounds. I think if I am somewhere in the 12-14 size range I will feel good, however I have seen some videos of people who did lose weight and they were able to go from a size 20 to a size 8. If I ever make it to under a size 10 I seriously will be shocked. I have no idea what life looks like on that side of the fence but I think it’s worth seeing. Ya know?

Back to the VLOG at hand…. as I previously mentioned I had been on the Atkins diet before and I remember being in ketosis. Some things to know about being in ketosis… your breath is probably going to be a little stinky, you might have flashes of red cheeks or skin discoloration but this is normal because your body chemistry is changing! You should google for more info about that. Anyways please enjoy the video below:

As a side note: The pancake did kinda have a blueberry flavor which was really nice! 😉