Welcome to my new website dedicated to merging my worlds and sharing ALL of my experiences! I decided it was too confusing to have my business separated from who I am so now my Manada.Biz website and AmadaAnderson.com website are combined into one.

This website will now showcase my businesses, projects, and ongoing daily musings/blog. Some of my blogs come from as far back as 2006 when I used to use blogger and Photobucket. I KNOW I KNOW!!!  But I am no longer ashamed of sharing my true self! There are parts of my life I feel like I have hidden for the longest time and I no longer am scared to admit. When you subscribe to my blog or my newsletter you better hold on…. because we are in for a REAL ride!

Who I am and what I do and my mark on this world means more to me now than ever and I want to share it.

I offer my services generously and my heart is filled knowing that I have helped many different people and organizations.

I hope that together we can learn more. Please feel free to subscribe to my newsletter, blog, and even my VLOGS on my YouTube channel’s MUSICTHEATRECHIC and NEWYORKBROADWAYTOURS.

It’s time to get real. I am the real deal. I will be honest with you. I will help you. I will make mistakes, I will struggle, and yet isn’t LIFE exciting? If everything was easy it wouldn’t be fun now would it?