Sooooo, the honest truth is we actually started losing weight last year in November/December but didn’t start doing the Dukan Diet until April of 2014. However, since it’s been a year since we started maintaining our health I do want to point out how awesome it has been in hopes that if you are planning on losing weight then this might be a good step in the right direction.

Couple things about me. I’ve never been that athletic. Do I consider myself fat or ugly or undesirable? No. I just never really was good at running or crossing the monkey bars. But give me a song and teach me a dance and I have the stamina to do 8 shows a week on Broadway! Shoot I’ve even led dance parades when I weighed 430 pounds!

But this year has been the best I have ever had because I feel better. I FEEL GOOD! I am learning the difference in knowing the difference in feeling good! I don’t know why I was sabotaging myself all these years. I might have some kind of food disorder because I had and am still fighting it to stop hurting myself by over eating or excessive drinking. But I always have put to much on my plate and because of this diet I have learned that I don’t need to. I feel like the Dukan Diet is the only one that taught me to value myself.

In fact the lighter I eat the better I feel. My body is so powerful! The heel spurs, knee pain, back pain, and sickness has slowed to being just a background noise.

And now I can honestly say that I am never going back. I am never going back to that lifestyle and to that horrible version of myself that I was. 101 pounds lost so far and I know I can lose another 140 easily by next year and a half. I actually mapped it out on a piece of paper and hung it near my desk. Starting in January I plan on losing 10 pounds a month. That’s 2-4 pounds a week. Even it it’s only 8 pounds a month I could lose up to another hundred by the end of next year. Then I just need a few more months to get the rest off.

My 2015 goals include exercising. Yes, I know sounds crazy right?! But seriously… I am a tour guide so I walk 90 minutes at least 3 times a week (minimum) but during this past year of weight loss I didn’t really exercise. But I plan on doing it starting NOW. I just purchased some 2-4 pound resistance bands and since we use the PlayStation 3 for watching Netflix and YouTube I went ahead and saved some videos to watch later to work out at home.

What I learned about myself this past year (2014) doing the Dukan Diet:

  1. My LIFE is important. Not just my business/work but my LIFE and I need to put that above everyone else’s comfort. I am not ashamed to bring my own food to a party if I need too.
  2. My will power is amazing. I can say NO to alcohol and fried foods and things that will not help me but hurt me.
  3. I/We can cook! Damon and I have experimented with the allowed foods and are always coming up with new dinner ideas and  fat free, sugar free versions of our favorite desserts.
  4. I can lose 100 pounds in under a year!
  5. I went from a size 28 to a size 20 already…
  6. I love my cheek bones. I never noticed them before but now because they are becoming more announced I find myself holding my own face in my hands in wonder and awe.
  7. I love my stomach and hips even where the scar tissue is from years of abuse and tight clothing. Even as big as I am my hips are wider than my stomach and I have a waistline!
  8. When I laugh after doing abs I feel how strong my diaphragm actually is from years of choir training and singing. I love my abs!
  9. I love my legs! They are powerful and strong underneath and I notice my muscles a little more everyday.
  10. We love the Dukan Diet and honestly can not see ourselves going back to eating the way we were before. It’s truly life changing. THANK YOU Dr. DUKAN!

Bonus #11:  Can I just say….I have the most amazing, sexy, talented, thoughtful boyfriend in the whole world! Without him I am not sure how far I would have come. Damon thank you every single day for being my mirror of loving unconditional support.

If you are getting ready for next year let me just tell you that every day is going to be a struggle. Dieting is probably one of the hardest things someone can do but once you get the hang of it you will get into a groove and then you too can be unstoppable! Remember if you make a mistake the sun always comes out tomorrow and you can try again. It’s LIFE! Don’t give up but try try again. This diet isn’t just a short term goal but a lifetime goal to push yourself to where you want to be. So take time every week to evaluate what you WANT out of LIFE and make it a PRIORITY because in the end you will want to look back and say WOW.

Feel free to email or send me a message if you need a friend for support. Love you all and ROCK ON for 2015!!!