So it’s the New Year and with that comes ideas for building up and planning to take over the world!! Wahh haaa haa! JK.

But seriously it’s the idea of starting a brand new slate and taking chances to make changes in your life that reflect your hopes and dreams.

They say it takes 21 days to create a new habit and for my New Year I want to continue with my success of losing weight and being more happy with my body. I want to stop shying away from expressing my true talents and really put myself out there more as a performer/entrepreneur and tour guide.

I recently performed on a tv show pilot that felt like the whole show was directly in alignment with my new self realization. It was about safety. It included a woman who showed examples of self defense, a therapist who raised questions about why sometimes people take advantage of you mentally, and even an interior decorator discussing ways to safe proof your home without even having to own a gun. During the taping I learned that the self defense lady had recently wrote a book called “Hear Me Roar” based on her own experiences of being attacked in the street. She wanted other women to be empowered and it just so happens that I have been saying for weeks that I wanted to take a self defense class.

As women I think we sometimes becomes martyrs but I no longer want to be a victim of circumstance. Even today randomly Dr. Phil show was talking about how women get taken advantage of at car dealerships or jobs because they are to shy to ask or barter or to stand up for themselves.

So no more! Today my tour started at 2pm I got there 40 minutes early and had to pee so I went into the Starbucks. The line was really long because there was only one bathroom and I thought I have 40 minutes and that should be enough. Even though I needed to check 30 guests in I figured since the start of the tour wad literally out the door I would have time. So I stood in line and patiently waited. As the time got closer to 10 minutes till there was still 3 people ahead of me. I figured O.K. I can  either stand here uncomfortable and be late or ask if they don’t mind me jumping ahead. I went ahead  and asked and explained how the tour was supposed to start and they all very nicely said sure. No hesitation or anything. One of the ladies was visiting from Switzerland. I was so grateful and I made it to give the tour with 5 minutes before 2pm. In costume!  🙂

My advice for the year is to choose to live life kindly and with as much Joy as you can stand! When you are there in that space nothing can stop you. So what are you waiting for?! Go pee!! lol

#letsdothis #HappyNewYear #NYE2015