My friend Fernando Lao came to visit me in NYC this Thanksgiving week and I wanted to take him around to show him the sites. I am a tour guide and I work with Ghosts of NY, so while he was here I gave him one of our most popular tours through Greenwich Village that is known to be haunted by many different famous people we call it the Edgar Allen Poe Tour. Earlier that afternoon we took a boat tour out onto the water and we of course passed the Statue Of Liberty and were taking pictures and the tour guide actually started quoting the famous poem that is at the bottom of the Statue of Liberty called The New Colossus written by Emma Lazarus. It’s most famous words: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses”. I told my friend I would take him by her house later on my tour that afternoon. So we were walking and we passed Mark Twain’s (which is also known to be haunted) and while we were there unexpectedly a light came on over the door. I joked that it was Mark Twain saying hi but I had a feeling it was just one of those timed mechanism. My friend began snapping away and I joked about them possibly catching a ghost. Well.. we walked to Emma’s house and I pointed and said here’s the plaque showing she lived there. Then we continued onward later getting on the subway. While I started browsing through the pictures I saw the white misty area on the top right hand side. It looks like a woman in Victorian style dress with the hair up in a bun or a hat and she has the white collar or white choker. I googled her and found these pictures.

What do you guys think?

The necklace or white collar area around the top:

Coincidence? Fate? You decide!

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