Recently Damon and I were featured on a new program similar to Long Island Medium called Angels Among Us. It comes on The Learning Channel (TLC) and stars Rosie Cepero a woman who speaks to Guardian Angels.


The reason I did the show was because I have had many different experiences that have left me wondering about the supernatural and my place in this world. Since this was my Jesus year (I’m 33) I decided this is the actual year I am going to make some real changes. I am going to lose weight and get my act together! And in addition to all of that I was looking for inspiration and guidance. Damon and I both LOVE the TV show Quantum Leap, but since I know all of those episodes backwards and forwards I decided the next best thing would be to watch “Touched By An Angel”. So I started recording it and watching it in the morning with breakfast to get my inspiration for the day. I love those days. :p

I am an entrepreneur and so my days are very flexible. I run my own services business and tour guide business and not for profit organizations and so I am still just making enough money to get by every month. Anyways, as I began working I checked my emails and saw that there was a casting call for people to be on the show. They were looking for stories and they were interested in meeting people who want and had a need to have some closure and guidance. I had heard of Rosie before and so I submitted my story and through the casting process was approved.

At first Damon wasn’t going to be on the show but he decided at the last minute that he wanted to see what she might say or pick up on. He’s the open skeptic in our relationship. I always have stories to share about my synchronicity and other daily happenings that he’s pretty much heard everything but see my burning bush drama, and so this became a more interesting adventure than originally anticipated. To add to this I was actually looking online to see about contacting a medium to have a reading when I got the email from Angels Among Us casting…. See what I mean about synchronicity?

Anyhow, it took us 3 hours to drive out to where she lives and when we got there we met her husband George and their dog. I think its name was Sandy. The production team was amazingly polite and they did their best to keep us from getting close to her or the house until we actually got to meet her and let her give the reading.

What happened after that was truly inspirational. It was what I needed to hear and I am really grateful that my brother Kurt came through. He always loved me and even though we never saw each other but only a few times he never hesitated to let me know.

I miss him and wish I could still call him to ask him for advice but now I know he is always with me. To see the episode check out TLC channel. It’s planned to air at 10pm on Sunday October 5th 2014.