Guess what?! I was asked what I wanted for Christmas this year so I decided that maybe I would look into getting some inline skates. I really liked biking because you can see the neighborhood and get to places quickly and so I thought maybe skating would be fun too. So I went to Sports Authority and looked around. Actually I wanted to go to Sports Authority because I needed a new yoga mat. I am planning on doing more yoga at home in the mornings and I also needed a water bottle for when I go to the gym and I knew they would have some so Damon and I went to see what they had. This is when I was lead over to the skates. Now I haven’t skated since I was maybe 25 or so but it’s like riding a bike right? So I try on a pair and then see how expensive it is and decided to put it on my Christmas list. Well YAY I received from the family gift cards and I totally went to purchase a pair yesterday. However, I have a heel spur and I weigh about 350 pounds. The rollerblades were poking right into my foot! OUCH! So after debating on whether to get them or not I decided to walk away. But the woman who was helping me was totally speaking to me in half spanish and half english like my mother does….and then at some point she mentioned that skating makes your legs look amazing and if I have ever seen Tiny Turner’s legs. Why yes I have!!! She’s on my vision board since 2012…. so those were SIGNS to me that skating will get me out of the house and lead me to doing something I should be trying to do. But then I walked away because of the pain…however I decided to go look at shoes and on the clearance rack what do I see on the top shelf? A pair of regular skates….yes, four wheelers! Not only that but they are in my size! It was like a sign. I tried them on and they fit. No pain! So Damon and I had to walk back over to the skate section to get me a helmet and kneepads and all that other stuff. What do you guys think? LOL Who’s ready to lose the weight?

Amada Anderson on Skates

2016’s New Year’s mottos are:




So no more waiting for hand outs #LETSDOTHIS #under200pounds