I am getting married next year. My work an entrepreneur/tour guide has been fulfilling but not exactly the type of job that brings in a steady paycheck to pay for a typical New York wedding. So recently a few things have happened where I began looking for work. I updated my 9-5 job resume, I sent it out to a couple of places, and I decided in the meanwhile that I needed to expand my tour guide career by being able to do overall New York tours for other tour operators. What I mean by that is, I really have been only focusing on Broadway/Musical Theatre walking tours for my company New York Broadway Tours and Ghost Tours for another company called Ghosts Of New York, the original ghost walking tour.

So I found it interesting that these events have taken place since I opened myself up to finding more work….being more in alignment with who I am and what I do.

The past few weeks a lot has happened….

  • I was interviewed by CNN as the go to ghost tour guide of NY.
  • I gave my final THRILLER performance on Saturday and quit Thrill The World NYC which is a not for profit dance group that I formed 7 years ago. I closed the bank account. Yup. It’s done.
  • I went to see Back to the Future the trilogy with my Fiance Damon on October 21st starting at 4:29pm and during the first movie was so inspired by the clocks that I started thinking about using them as centerpieces for my wedding.
  • I worked on my resume and decided if I was to get a full-time job it better be something that I really wanted to do. As I currently work part time sometimes for Dr. Phil of Ghosts of NY as an office and guide manager. Never steady work but just mostly around the busy October season.

And so funny enough I was asked by a fellow tour guide if I could cover her limo tour for a couple who was arriving in the city. They just wanted the highlights in two hours before heading back home. This meant that if I wanted the job I was going to have to get off my butt and learn what they wanted to do and then show up work. I also had been asked by another tour operator that specify’s the bands that arrive for the Thanksgiving parade to work all week long. Giving tours each day to the groups. Since I hadn’t really done any step on step off work…this is something that I was opening up to learning. The manager also had asked if I ever did Ellis Island tours in which I have not. And so I was left with a case of OH NO’s and maybe I’m not worthy feelings… but I got over it and decided I will make the time to learn as much as I can so I can be ready. The whole thing with Ellis Island though had me through a loop because I was trying to figure out when I was going to have time to go over there and work on this….I wasn’t sure where to start. So I put it aside and have decided to just focus on the days in front of me one at a time.

Well…. sure enough I also then receive an email from a fellow GANYC member who needs help with social media and his Facebook fan page. I coordinate with him the days I am available this week and we schedule an appointment. I look at his signature and turns out his forte in tours happens to be Greenwich Village AND Ellis Island!!! I’m jumping away from the computer because I am so excited to see this… and realize that this is a sign.

My limo tour and my meeting with him all happened yesterday. And although I was not able to pick the couple up at the Pier because my bus was late I was able to coordinate with the driver to pick me up by Rockefeller center and then we had a lot of fun. It was easier then I thought and they were super sweet. I then went to meet Tom. The minute I walk in his house I am surrounded by CLOCKS and STATUE OF LIBERTY items… the man is serious about what he does. My eyes then float over to his cabinet where a small little statue of liberty wind up is sitting…and I immediately feel at home. Why? Because I saw that same toy and used it for a promo video for TTWNYC (Thrill The World NYC) and we used the statue of liberty clawing out of a hole as our logo for the past 7 years.

TTWNYC Thrill The World NYC Logo

After working with him for a few hours on social media he goes back around the table and starts to tell me about other projects he has and how he would like to officially hire me to help him. He offered me a job! It’s almost the same amount of hours and pay that I was willing to do from home to make the extra money that we need to pay for this wedding. My jaw is on the floor at this point…and I also realize he KNOWS clocks and he could tell me where I can find some for my wedding pieces. Not only that but he’s just like the lady in Back To The Future…saying “Save the Clock Tower!”.

AND, I was going to finally go inside the Jefferson Market Courthouse Library after my meeting with him and before my ghost tour to spend some time studying and just hanging out in Greenwich Village and I had been meaning to find out who actually saved it from being torn down….turns out Tom was mentored by the woman who saved it!

What a small world….I am beyond floored by the amount of work the universe put into giving me these opportunities.

It was right when I let go of what was holding me back, that I was then able to embrace this new project and job.

On top of all of this….because I let Thrill The World NYC go…I was offered to chair PR for the Guides Association and I was nominated to be a Member at large on the board. I’ll know if I get the board member position in December. But right now I am super excited about the PR Chair because there’s a lot that we can do together and share with the city that needs to get done. I have ideas and I know how to get us there. I am feeling like I am in the right place and there is hope at the end of this tunnel.

So… yeah this happened…. LOL #truth #light #love #icantmakethisup #letsdothis