Had a law of attraction realization today… the NEW YEAR and all of its goal setting has me in a state of REBOOT/RENEW, and I bet I somehow attracted to myself the laptop computer crash—reboot issue. Also, somehow during this no computer crisis, both my HTC tablet (fairly new) and my phone (only 4 years old…) started acting up. Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not…

Why do I say all of this? Because last week I was very sick and during that time I slept and did REIKI energy healing to myself. THEN on Sunday, I had to pay my phone bill so I signed into Sprint and saw their FRAMILY plan. I needed to add Damon onto my line anyway, because we took my dad’s old iPhone in November and wanted to help my parents out with removing that line.

ANYWAY… everything seemed to be working out at the store yesterday when I was offered a free Samsung tablet AND an upgrade with only monthly payment options for the new Samsung mini. However, as soon as we left the store when I tried using the new phone it kept REBOOTING. I had issues with it all night…had to go back to the Sprint store today and we spent like 2.5 hours waiting for them to try to fix it until they just completely replaced it. AND I had been trying to get a staff member of ours a new computer so she could take over our social media accounts and out of the blue was offered one. A complete DELL PC with LCD monitor and keyboard and mouse and all of the software. He got back to me TODAY, so we were able to run over to Brooklyn directly after we were done at Sprint to pick it up and then drop it off at our staff member’s house only 20 minutes nearby.

A NEW PC (donation), A NEW phone, and a new tablet (FREE) all in 24-48 hours…. Yeah I think I am feeling better! So be careful what you wish for… you just might get it.