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88 miles per hour!

88 miles per hour!

I am getting married next year. My work an entrepreneur/tour guide has been fulfilling but not exactly the type of job that brings in a steady paycheck to pay for a typical New York wedding. So recently a few things have happened where I began looking for work. I updated my 9-5 job resume, I sent it out to a couple of places, and I decided in the meanwhile that I needed to expand my tour guide career by being able to do overall New York tours for other tour operators. What I mean by that is, I really have been only focusing on Broadway/Musical Theatre walking tours for my company New York Broadway Tours and Ghost Tours for another company called Ghosts Of New York, the original ghost walking tour. So I found it interesting that these events have taken place since I opened myself up to finding more work….being more in alignment with who I am and what I do. The past few weeks a lot has happened…. I was interviewed by CNN as the go to ghost tour guide of NY. I gave my final THRILLER performance on Saturday and quit Thrill The World NYC which is a not for profit dance group that I formed 7 years ago. I closed the bank account. Yup. It’s done. I went to see Back to the Future the trilogy with my Fiance Damon on October 21st starting at 4:29pm and during the first movie was so inspired by the clocks that I started thinking about using them as centerpieces for my wedding. I worked on my resume and... read more