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Why I am not taking this personally…

Why I am not taking this personally…

As some of you know I run my own tour guide business called New York Broadway Tours. Recently I had a request a few months ago from a blogger who wanted to write a review and take one of my tours. I was excited and asked them when they wanted to take it. She sent an email explaining that they wanted to actually take two tours but would prefer my Glee Tour. So I went out of my way adding their tour request to my calendar because they were already busy with other activities that weekend. They then had sent another email asking about taking a different tour all together in which I replied that I would be happy to offer them that one too. Normally the Glee tour is 2 hours and the Broadway one is 3 hours. I created the tours and could theoretically have given both at the same time but that would have made the tours a lot longer then 3 hours. Probably even 5 hours long…. and I suggested jokingly that I could do a mash-up OR they should let me know what other day they want to take the 3 hour tour. Well I never got a response or concrete answer back and so I signed them up for the Glee tour and that was that. Now, somewhere in the back and forth the miscommunication was made that I would give them both tours at the same time. Even though I joked about it she assumed that it was implied that I was offering them both tours at the same time. That was a... read more